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Piejar Flipside Cutie Pie Piepop
A mini pie baked right in a mini mason jar! Comes with a resealable lid. $6.00 for fruit, cream, vegan or gluten free. $6.50 for savory or meat. Handheld turnovers, fruit or savory filled. Pie on-the-go! $4.25 fruit or savory, $4.50 meat. $46/dz fruit or savory, $49/dz meat. Little pies baked in a muffin tin...perfect pie for one! $3.75 fruit or cream. $42/dz fruit or cream. Pie lollipops! wrapped up and ready to go! Make great party favors. Avail. in Apple and Cherry Almond. $24/dz (limit 10dz)
9-inch Pies Petit-5 Take-n-bake Ice Cream
Classic whole pies in traditional and new favorite flavors. Serves 6-8. $25 fruit or cream. Mini pie-bites, topped with delicate crumble - perfect for hors d'oeuvres. Avail. in select fruit, savory, or cream flavors $22/dz Take home a pie from our freezer, and bake it at home! So fresh, so good. *prices vary What goes best with pie? Ice cream! High 5 Pie proudly serves locally made ice creams from Bluebird Microcreamery and vegan options from Social Ice Cream. Pints $6.50 ea

Gluten Free or Vegan options available!