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Fuel Coffee

Stop in for a fix! Our Flipsides, Cookies, 9” Pies, and pies by the slice are served alongside delicious coffee! Enjoy pie for now or special order pie for later at any of the three locations.

Capitol Hill, 610 19th Ave E, 98112
Montlake, 2300 24th Ave E, 98112
Wallingford, 1705 N 45th St, 98103


Cone & Steiner

Nestled among the curated selections of fresh produce, wine, beer, grocery staples, and various sundries find our Flipsides, Cookies, and 9” Pies. With Challah every Friday and pies by the slice every day, there’s always a reason to come hang out on their stoop! Enjoy pie for now or special order pies for later.

Capitol Hill, 532 19th Ave E, 98112
Pioneer Square, 135 S King St, 98104
C & S Location

Caffe Fiore

Enjoy our sweet and savory Flipsides along with a cup of perfectly-crafted organic coffee at any of their fantastic neighborhood cafes.

Old Ballard, 5405 Leary Ave NW, 98107
Queen Anne, 224 W Galer St, 98119
Sunset Hill, 3125 NW 85th St, 98117
West Seattle, 2206 California Ave, 98116



Come check out our spread of pies, along with other local goods, in the bakery. Featuring fruit and cream pies, in 9” and 5” sizes.

Village Market Thriftway
20150 Ballinger Way NE,
Shoreline, WA 98155

West Seattle Thriftway
4201 SW Morgan St,
Seattle WA 98136